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LIVE Stream your Product Explainers or full Teleshopping programmes to Social Media from our LIVE Stream Studio.

Teleshopping and Product Intros and explainers are a powerful way to demonstrate all of the features and benefits of your product. As the typical UK infomercial is 30 minutes, your consumer can be familiarised with all unique selling points and basic operation.

Achieve immediate sales with Direct Response Television Advertising

Teleshopping is a type of DRTV (or direct response TV Advertising) which drives immediate sales during broadcasts. You can drive traffic to web sites, generate phone calls and grow the overall public awareness of your brand.

A one-stop-shop solution for infomercial production

From the initial ‘creative development’ of scripts and visual demonstrations, through compliance to production, mastering and sends to broadcasters, we’ve got everything covered.

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    The stages of Infomercial Production

    • Product Workshop & Brief
    • Timelength decision - 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes options.
    • Compliance: Claim Analysis & Substantiation Plan
    • Script Development
    • Actor / Presenter Selection, Location Recce
    • Clearcast Script Submission
    • Filming
    • Post-Production (editing)
    • Mastering
    • Clearcast Master Submission
    • Broadcast Transfers

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    Infomercial Production