Stream LIVE to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Twitch.

Live video production and streaming to create instant audience engagement

A LIVE Video Streaming Event engages audiences and propels your brand or organisation to the forefront of your stakeholders minds. From corporate panel type LIVE Streams to broadcast quality Teleshopping video streams for social media, our LIVE Stream Studios can deliver a complete turn-key service and an easy, reliable experience.

At Concept Media, we combine our expertise and high-end broadcast equipment to provide premium quality LIVE Video Streams.

Professional LIVE Streaming Video Studios

Concept Studios offer a wide range of facilities and services for LIVE Video Streaming. Starting with dry studio hire with high-speed internet connection through to a fully managed and produced live stream event.

Our LIVE facilities include direct camera streams, multi-camera vision-mixed studios and a complete live video titling system for name tags, information tickers, and bespoke graphics design for broadcast style productions such as Teleshopping LIVE Streams.

Stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, Concept LIVE, Periscope... (etc...)

We can stream your live video content to any social media or video streaming site world-wide. Our professional services will also allow streaming to multiple sites at once!

Professional Live Video Production and Streaming capabilities

  • Broadcast Specification SDI Cameras (HD / 4K Ultra High Definition and 6K).
  • LIVE ATEM Vision Mixing for Streaming or fast turnaround post-production.
  • High Quality Audio Recording - Lapel (Tie-Clip) Mics, Desk Mics and Area Mics.
  • On-Location Studio Lighting Facilities.
  • On-Location Viewing Gallery & Separate Viewing Monitors.
  • Long-Run Fixed Camera (SDI) Links.
  • Multi-Camera Production (2,3,6, etc...)
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Live stream on twitter
Live stream on periscope
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Live Streaming for Companies and Organisations.

If you’re got an event that you’d like live streamed, we’ve got it covered. With a single or multi-camera set up, we take care of logistics with the venue, set up and work with you to broadcast it across your social and digital channels.

Live stream Panels, Announcements and interviews

We typically live stream a range of content types. We film panels with multiple cameras, mixing close-ups and wide shots with crystal-clear sound and brand matched graphics and titles.

Teleshopping on Social Media

Concept Studios have pioneered a new form of teleshopping using the live streaming platforms on Social Media. With modern graphics overlays, presenter sourcing and set design and build, Concept Studios is your one-stop shop for the very newest approach to teleshopping techniques.

Teleshopping on Digital - A newer cost effective platform

Teleshopping and Product Intros and explainers are a powerful way to demonstrate all of the features and benefits of your product. As the typical UK infomercial is 30 minutes, your consumer can be familiarised with all unique selling points and basic operation. Drive traffic to web sites, generate phone calls and grow the overall public awareness of your brand, whilst building a new DRTV direct sales channel.

A one-stop-shop solution for teleshopping and infomercial production

From the initial ‘creative development’ of scripts and visual demonstrations, through compliance to production, mastering and sends to broadcasters, we’ve got everything covered.

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